Have You Ever Wondered Why It's Called a Keyboard or Why We Play in Keys?

Introducing Piano Decoded—a brand-new system mathematically designed to unlock the keyboard.


This course serves to enhance an individual’s proficiency to internalize the harmonic language of the keyboard.

Musical Confinement to Transcedental Freedom

The first time I ever pressed a piano key, I felt a strong and powerful feeling flow through my body. I knew I wanted nothing more than to discover and unlock the piano in its entirety.


I wanted the freedom to explore the keyboard and express what my heart desired limitlessly.


The only problem was I didn’t know how to achieve this.

The Flow of Music

How did my curiosity grow to become my drive to develop the keys to unlocking the piano?




While technical exercises open and strengthen the hands to maneuver the keyboard


Structural exercises prepare and enhance the mind’s understanding of the keyboard's harmonic language.

The better one understands these elements, the more freedom they will have manipulating sound to their will.

The Heavenly High on Cloud Nine

Crazy, I know.


Even though I have yet to internalize the keyboard entirely, I can still experience the etheric euphoria produced by music, and I am sure you can too.


This leads me to wonder, “What more if I unlock the keyboard?”


With the right approach and the correct information, anyone can unlock the keyboard and attain an ecstatic climax through music.


I know it sounds too good to be true, but that’s precisely why I felt compelled to get this information out to the world.


I wanted to pass on everything I know—and everything that has helped me progress today—to everyone that has an interest in music and the piano...


so they can use my philosophy to develop further and strengthen their understanding of the keyboard.


I started by asking myself this question:


What information, strategies, and tools would’ve helped me progress in half the time?

Introducing Piano Decoded: A Mathematical Interpretation of Sound

Piano Decoded is a step-by-step blueprint that gives you a comprehensive system for unlocking the keyboard.


You’ll get access to different tactics, strategies, and tools that are fundamental to unlocking the keyboard's harmonic language.


The complete course is available in Script, PDF, and Video format, covering:


  • The Basics of Sounds Harmonic Language

  • Scales, Modes, and Polar Opposites 

  • 21 Exercises Designed to "Unlock the Keyboard"


I also include bonus video lessons explaining my philosophy of piano and the necessity of improvising. You will learn useful, practical concepts to apply to your playing and experience results within minutes of watching each lesson. 


By the end of this course, you will be able to implement these elements into your improvised study to unlock the keyboard.

Try Piano Decoded 100% Risk-Free for 90 Days

I want to make sure you’re able to go through the course and get the value provided before you have to fully commit to paying for it.


This way, the risk is all on me.

All I ask is that you give the system a fair chance and do the work. If for some reason you aren't satisfied with Piano Decoded, just send me an email and I will refund you your money.


Why am I doing this?


I know that this system works, and I want to make it clear that I stand behind this product 100%.

Get The Entire $297 System for Nearly 60% Off

Considering the time and resources I’ve put into developing this course, its exclusiveness, and the cost of piano lessons, I should charge hundreds of dollars or more for Piano Decoded.


However, I don’t want the price to stop you from learning.


So I’m not even going to charge you half of the $297 this information is valued at—even though that would be fair.


Instead, for a limited time only I’m offering the entire system for nearly 60% off.


Sign up today to access Piano Decoded for just $127.


Also, remember, you are 100% protected by my risk-free money-back guarantee.

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Ultralight Beam

Imagine a world where the trapped emotions and unprocessed life experiences we hold in our bodies are the sources of everything that ails us.


At times, it can be difficult to truly convey the emotions we feel, which in return can weigh us down.


Thankfully, music is an avenue that allows an individual to express, communicate, and convey their feelings.


As the music flows through you, it can wash away any pent-up energy left behind by repressed emotions.


You become weightless.


Immersed in the moment, you become consumed by the light as you experience an ecstatic form of self-expression.


My biggest wish for you is that you are able to fulfill your heart's desire that wants to enjoy freely playing the piano...


So the piano can be used as a break from all of the stresses of life. A place you can take care of yourself and connect with your own well-being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Course Questions


What exactly will I learn?


You will learn about the nature of the keyboard's harmonic language: intervals, chords, scales, and The Inverted Cycles.


These lessons are not a typical piano course where you learn how to play songs. These lessons are much more about teaching you how to express yourself using chord progressions played by ear, rather than teaching vast quantities of theory and from sheet music.


Rest assured every chord and technique you learn here is highly applicable to any style of music and it will enhance your understanding and awareness of the keyboard. 


Most importantly these lessons are about becoming freer as a person by learning to express yourself. You will learn how to play in almost the same process as me, through insights that I've gained along my journey thus far.


If you haven't unlocked the piano how can you teach other people?


While I have yet to internalize the keyboard in its entirety, I have compiled all of my notes and tips that I've developed thus far based on research, mathematical deduction, and personal experience.


Nonetheless, the 21 exercises I've developed are fundamental to unlocking the keyboard and will always remain the same. As I continue to grow and further understand the keyboard, I will continue to update my course. 


90-day money back guarantee? What's the catch?


These lessons are an extension of myself, so the money pales in comparison to knowing that I provide something that benefits and helps you go beyond where you are now, regarding your perception of what’s possible for you in piano.


If you feel that these lessons weren’t worth the amount that you paid, send me an email, and I will refund you your money. You deserve value for what you pay, and I am committed to upholding that standard. 


I only ask that you go through the course, practice what I teach and remain open-minded. If you are unsatisfied with my product, merely fill out a short questionnaire regarding the course, this way I can use your feedback to improve the course for other people, and you are 100% protected by my guarantee.


Enrollment Questions


Do I have to join right now?


You do not have to join right now, but understand your risks: enrollment for Piano Decoded is limited, and the price is subject to increase.


Are your website and payment processing secure? Is my information safe?


I've made a priority to guarantee your privacy and your information's safety. My website is secure, and for your payment information, I use Stripe, a PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the highest grade of payment processing security. I will not share your information with anyone else.


What happens after I purchase Piano Decoded?


Before you purchase, you will need to "Sign Up" to Piano Decoded. After you purchase, you will get instant access to the entire course. I don't make you wait to "unlock" any part of the course. You get lifetime access from the moment you enroll.


If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at qzye.view@gmail.com

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