"May the Tree of Wisdom, Rooted in Power, Grant Me the Strength to bear its Fruits and Flowers."

"May the Tree of Wisdom, Rooted in Power, Grant Me the Strength to bear its Fruits and Flowers."




 Order & Balance

The Law Of Harmony

Image by Jan Huber

The Tree Of Wisdom

The Tree Of Wisdom

It designed life to challenge us with the intent of growth. Strengthen your resolve, overcome your trials and tribulations, continuously seek improvement, and keep the Light as your goal evermore.




The Universal Mind

The Universal Mind


You're created with a spark of Its essence, sustaining the heart of life. Your consciousness is a seed of the greater universal mind, intended for the growth of Wisdom. 


Created By Zye

 The Experience Of Life 

We are all born with a unique perspective, creating variety in the process of human evolution.​ Without individuality, there would be no diversity; all would be repetitive and vain. Take on life in the form that you desire. Deepen your roots and strive toward the Infinite-Light.

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The Spark
of Life

The Creator

Develop your thoughts into ideas and form them into existence. We are the divine creating our reality, each taking part in the process of growth.

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The Trial of Life

The Challenge

The ultimate purpose of life is not to destroy or afflict, but to purge and refine. The struggles we endure are the price of our progress. Keep the faith and strive ever onward.


May Zye Blossom.

Open my mind to Its Wisdom.
Fill my body and soul with Its Light. 
May Its Glory embolden my flame
and illuminate the darkness of night.

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The Tree of Wisdom

May Zye Blossom.