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I was five months old when I survived a car accident that took my mother's life. This tragedy left me with a deep sense of loss and confusion, causing me to question the meaning of life and my existence.

My mother's absence and the mystery of consciousness haunted me, and I felt trapped in a dark and overwhelming void. But through music, I found a way to release these heavy burdens and unlock a new perspective, which I call the Qzye View.

The Qzye View is a revolutionary and enlightening approach to understanding the universe, consciousness, resilience, self-discovery, and the power of fate. It has allowed me to confront my past and embrace a more optimistic and fulfilling future.

 Qzye View 


 The Mission 

I am committed to creating a vision of endless possibility and creativity through Oddbawls and the Qzye View.


Through music and art, I strive to offer unique and diverse experiences that inspire and enrich the lives of those who encounter them. I am dedicated to crafting the most original, valuable, and impactful brands the world has ever seen. Join me on this journey to unlock the limitless potential of the human spirit and create a brighter future.

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