I was five months old when I survived a car accident that killed my mother. Never knowing my mother was one thing, but knowing I survived caused my mental state to fall into a black hole, I felt I could never escape. My thoughts riddled with matters of life and death and the infinity of space and time, I questioned the meaning of life.


Pressured by a desire to discover my life's purpose, dumbfounded as to what consciousness is, and tormented with a longing to know my mother, these burdens weighed on my mind. To relinquish this weight, I found hope in music. In doing so, I developed a theory I call "unlocking the piano." This philosophy has come to serve as the foundation for my perspective, the Qzye View. 


Qzye View is an unprecedented, eye-opening, and thought-provoking paradigm shift; a state-of-the-art perspective of the universe, consciousness, fortitude, self-invention, and an optimistic ploy of fate. 


 My Mission 

I strive to create a world full of Oddbawls that have the Qzye View.

Using music and art to diversify my content, services, and consumer products, I strive to develop the most creative, innovative, and valuable brands to exist.