The View

The Ways Of Life

The Temple Dweller

With the gift of consciousness and free will, we are created in the image of God, capable of forming the formless with the power of our mind.


The mind is the basis of everything we experience in life; the heart, for everything we feel. Follow your heart throughout your lifetime. Trust your intuition and practice discernment. Remain open-minded, for Wisdom can only be awoken from within.

Cycles Of Life

Through practice, we gain experience, which cultivates knowledge, and wisdom comes forth only from knowledge. Thus, the cycles of life were created for the fulfillment of Wisdom.

The Pursuit of Wisdom

You are a being of light. Hence why you can hear your thoughts and see images within your mind's eye. 


Life is a journey of growth. Approach the infinite wisdom, and keep the light as your goal evermore.

The Zyegoat

Becoming a Zyegoat is an endless pursuit of becoming a better version of yourself. Life is short; don't leave any regrets. Take risks and pursue your passion; set goals and execute them. Most importantly, learn to love the journey, not the destination. You might end up accomplishing more than you desired.

Fate vs Destiny

The future is an open book that can be read through the causes that bring forth the effects. You are the master of your destiny. Overcome your hardships, and write a story that shines as a light in the darkness of night.

The Mind

The Mind is your most valuable asset. Don't let dark thoughts control the outcome of your life. You possess the light that illuminates the darkness. Seek to be one with the Word; bring order to the chaos of your night.

The Word

Light is the Word of the Fire. The Word is the Source of All. All is Order from Chaos born into Light. Order and Balance are the Laws of the Cosmos. Quell the chaos of your emotions and have order in life. Establishing order from chaos will bring the word of the source; it is the law.

Soul State

You are a star bound to a body until, in the end, you are free from your fight. If you seek to escape from the night that surrounds you, know that through struggle and toil can the star within bloom out a new life. Before you attain this, many dark shadows will try to suppress your flame. Know that darkness is temporary; light is eternal. Overcome the darkness and become one with the light.

Light vs Dark

Open your mind to the Wisdom, fill your body and soul with Its Light. Know the flesh is fleeting, the growth of the Soul means everything. Light vs Dark: spirit and matter, life and death, good and evil, love and hate, etc.

As Above So Below

The Oneness of All maintains harmony through Law. Without the order of the Great Light, there would be no balance, and all would cease to exist.


The Great Light that is the Source of All is conscious. Given a spark of Its essence, we receive life. The body is merely a container for Its awareness. We are living within It, and It is dwelling within us.

The Zyegoat: Darkness to Light

We are more than the material experience, don't let hardships and adversity eclipse the light of your soul. Break through the veil of darkness and discover the divine light within. You are one with the Great Light of the cosmos. Draw upon its power and shine through the darkness like the stars in the night sky.

Unlocking the Piano:

The climax of my theory is merely a scratch on the surface.

The Brain Explained

There's no limit to what you can achieve in life. Do more work than is required. Step out of your comfort zone, take the necessary risk and sacrifices. Don't be afraid to fail, it will open new doors to your destination. Where there's a will, there's a way. You have one life; make the most of it.


Though hidden in darkness, the life-force (light) within you is a spark of the Great Light that shines through the cosmos. Understand that light is a symbol of consciousness, which is a space without bounds. If you can imagine it, you can create it in one form or another. Find what you love. Create who you are.

The Source of All

Far above all, there exists One, the Great Light, the source of all. The life within you is the word of the source; you are one apart of the all. Seek within and find that you are capable of reaching the stars. Remain curious and open-minded, for all possibilities will stop at a closed mind. Don't let society limit your beliefs. You are capable of achieving greatness beyond the conception of others. Though the journey will be difficult, remain true to yourself. Follow your heart, trust your gut, and above all, act out of love.

Becoming an Oddbawl

A purpose is an act of imagination. If you can envision your ideal life, you can create it. Find what you love and organize all of your activities around it. Everything you do should be an expression of your purpose. The more you practice, the more experience you gain. It will gradually become apparent what you must do to create the life you want to live. Stay focused, endure, and overcome your obstacles. Write a story of change and growth. Become the Oddbawl you are meant to be.

Branding God:

I'm on a mission to create a world full of Oddbawls that have the Qzye View. Using music and art to diversify my content, services, and consumer products, I strive to develop one of the most creative, innovative, and valuable brands in the world.

Unlocking the Piano:

Any activity can be unlocked, as it is obtaining mastery over the craft. However, unlocking the piano is unique for the reason that I have covered in my theory.

My Braingasm Experience

While I've had a handful of esoteric experiences, this one takes the cake by far.